The Basics

  • Grew up 30min North of Detroit, MI
  • 2001: First short film at age 11: Jurassic Park fan film
  • 2008: Wrapped on high school plays and student/indy films
  • 2012: University of Michigan class of ’12, studied film and acting, B.S.E. Aerospace Engineering
  • 2012: Co-founder of Banana-Dragon Productions, LLC 
  • 2017: Moved to Atlanta to continue to break into the film and T.V. business as an actor
  • 2020: Hindsight?
From the "Director's Intro" of my first short: a  Jurassic Park  fan film, age 11

From the "Director's Intro" of my first short: a Jurassic Park fan film, age 11

Fun Stuff

It all started when Luke Skywalker made the trench run on the Death Star; after that, I made it my mission to pursue acting, even going so far as to recreate an X-Wing fighter out of cardboard to help Luke in one of my earliest short films (we’re talking like Elementary/Middle school). But, like Chewbacca, I received no medals...

Every actor’s journey begins with a burning desire to tell stories, and on my latest film you can take this literally. It’s a movie with torches, flares, styrofoam, and the unbearable Summer heat inside a barn during the process of making it...but it’d be much more unbearable for this story to go untold. That’s how I approach every tale.

From dying my hair red, to shaving it all off, to packing on muscle, to working on set with actual grizzly bears, my dedication to transforming myself into new characters is only matched by how hungry those bears looked.

Every hero’s journey starts with a dream, a feeling that you are truly destined for something more; we get that feeling when we go to the movies and watch Indiana Jones out-run a boulder, or when Tony Stark saves all of New York. These are the gifts an actor can give to the world and it’s what drives me to give something back after film has given me so much. 

So grab some popcorn and junior mints, buy your ticket, and come along for the ride!